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Founded 2007

Overview: Sustainable Tennessee is a collaborative project facilitated by Tennessee Environmental Council that solicits input and ideas from Tennesseans on what will keep Tennessee at the forefront of environmental and economic sustainability.  Although there are many definitions of “sustainability,” we understand this term to embody the ongoing pursuit of finding ways to live and prosper with less impact on the natural ecosystems upon which all life and economy depends. We seek an ever-improving relationship with energy, air, water, land, and the health of our communities.  We seek policies, practices, priorities and technologies that allow us to live healthier and more prosperous lives while continually improving the quality of the environment.

Throughout the year, we host community meetings to seek input across Tennessee.  The results of these sessions are incorporated into the Sustainability Agenda and Sustainable Tennessee Priorities documents. Any time you would like to add your views, priorities, ideas into these working documents, please share your suggestions on our Sustainable Tennessee Facebook page — our 24/7 public forum for sharing.

*** Get Involved: Review 2016 Priorities identified by 40+ Stakeholders at August 2015 Policy & Practice Meeting *** 


Tennessee Environmental Council helped launch the Sustainable Tennessee coalition in 2007, with the goal of developing a statewide Sustainability Agenda which includes the input of a broad group including citizens, conservation groups, environmental policy experts, elected officials, and representatives of private businesses, industry, educational institutions and more (over 1,000 participants and 250 organizations statewide since 2007 have contributed).  The coalition focuses on priority issues related to land, air, water, energy, transportation and food.

Meetings and InfrastructureIMG_5527
Sustainable Tennessee provides an infrastructure to help our state’s diverse stakeholders work together.  This infrastructure includes a series of meetings and workshops throughout the year.

*** Upcoming Event: Conservation Education Day — March 8 from 9am to 3pm and Green Drinks at Puckett’s in Downtown Nashville at 4pm ***

Schedule a meeting with your elected officials and let them know that you care about water quality and protecting the environment of Tennessee. And meet us in the halls of Legislative Plaza.  Click the Sustainability Agenda above and bring a copy to share with your Legislators.

Sustainable Tennessee Agenda
The Sustainable Tennessee Agenda provides a roadmap for policy and practice initiatives in Tennessee to protect and re-vitalize our economy, our communities, and our quality of life.  Read and sign the Sustainable Tennessee Agenda

Annual Sustainable Tennessee Award

*** Now accepting nominees for 2016 Sustainable Tennessee award.  Click to submit yours. ***


2015 Sustainable Tennessee Award Winner
Reggie Reeves –TN Division of Forestry 

Every year, we select a leader that has made significant contributions to the improvement of a more sustainable  Tennessee.  Our 2015 award goes to Reggie Reeves of Division of Forestry, for his leadership in mobilizing communities to plant tens of thousands of trees along degraded stream-side zones.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Sustainable Tennessee has several major events throughout the year including Regional Sustainability Forums, Press Conferences, Conservation Education Day, and our Policy & Practice meeting.  For the latest information on these and other Sustainable TN meetings: 

Sustainable TN Facebook Page
TN Environmental Council Facebook Page
TN Environmental Council Twitter Page
TN Green Business Network on LinkedIn 


Advocacy Toolkit:
Our Toolkit can help you or your group work with the Tennessee State Legislature through phone calls and letters, engaging the media, and advancing important issues.  Are you a non-profit organization?  The toolkit includes current guidelines and restrictions on “lobbying” for 501c3 organizations – you can do a lot more than you think!   Click here for Advocacy Toolkit.

House and Senate Natural Resources Committees:
Because of the House and Senate Natural Resources Committees’ key role in the enactment of new laws in our state,  they are instrumental in our work to educate and advocate for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee’s environment, communities and public health.   It is important for committee members to hear from their constituents – who live in their legislative districts – on issues that have a personal impact for their constituents.  Click here to find your Representative and Senator and learn more.

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Sustainable Tennessee is a project of the Tennessee Environmental Council in association with Tennessee Conservation Voters.  




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