Tennessee Statewide River Day of Action

Tennessee Statewide River Day of Action

Your River, Your Day

August 24 – September 4, 2017

Tennessee Environmental Council invites citizen scientists of all ages to help assess the water quality of ALL of Tennessee’s rivers and tributaries. We are recruiting participants in a statewide effort to collect water quality data.  This event is held in partnership with the Mississippi River Network’s “Your River Your Day” Mississippi River Day of Action.  

We are asking residents of Tennessee to help us assess habitat AND/OR test the dissolved oxygen in local waterways. The information will be logged and aggregated into a robust database and reflect the condition of streams and rivers in Tennessee.

 Be a part of something bigger!

REGISTER HERE: https://goo.gl/yzNmql

Choose to complete a habitat survey AND/OR dissolved oxygen survey.

Habitat Survey

Habitat Surveys are perhaps the most useful way to assess watershed and stream health, because: (1) stream and habitat conditions can be quickly documented at one sampling point or throughout the length of a stream; and (2) habitat surveys often give strong clues as to what may be happening to your stream.  For example, excessive algae indicate nutrient pollution, which may indicate additional testing for fertilizers and possibly coliform bacteria.

The habitat survey requires little equipment other than a camera, clipboard, and basic instructions to gather the information correctly.

  • Download and complete Habitat Data Sheet or submit online at https://goo.gl/y0iIHJ 
  • Upload pictures of the sampled waterway

Dissolved Oxygen Survey

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is critical for fish and aquatic life and the health of the River. Levels below 5 parts per million may be harmful to aquatic life.  The DO test involves collecting water samples four times at six-hour intervals for one day. A limited number of kits are available.

All data is submitted from observations of streams in the Mississippi River Watershed between August 24 – September 4, 2017.


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