250K Tree Day FAQs

How to order trees:

You can order up to 25 trees (5 bundles). For a bundle of 5 trees leave the quantity at 1. For 10 trees, change the quantity to 2. For 15 trees, change the quantity to 3. For 20 trees, change the quantity to 4. For 25 trees, change the quantity to 5.  If you are able to donate $1 per tree checkout as usual.

How much do the trees cost?

We advise and appreciate a $1 per tree donation. Donations are essential to cover the inherent costs associated with growing, transporting, and organizing the largest tree planting event in Tennessee. Although not required, donations are essential to making this historical event a success.  If you are unable to donate at this time, you can still order trees without the $1 per tree donation.

Where can I pick up the trees that I ordered?

Please include where you will be picking up in the tree order form during the checkout process.

Here’s an interactive map for details on each location including tree species offered at each:


Here’s the link of all pick up locations by city and county:


Tree species listed below are available for planting in the following state regions:

Regional TDEC offices have determined which native species should be planted in every region of the state. Trees come in bundles of 5 with the minimum order being one bundle. All region’s bundles will contain one each of: Tulip Poplar, Northern Red Oak, Eastern Redbud, and a species of Pine. The fifth species will vary according to region. Wild Plum will be available to the Memphis, Columbia, and Johnson City, Tennessee regions. Persimmon will be available in Jackson and the Nashville region. Black Cherry will be distributed in Chattanooga and the Cookeville region. The Knoxville region will receive a Flowering Dogwood OR a Washington Hawthorn.

How to plant a tree seedling video from CEO John McFadden:


How do I ensure my planted trees survive?

When you pick up your trees from the distributor, dip them in a water bucket that will be on site then wrap with damp paper towel or newspaper.  Trees should be planted on 250K Tree Day, Saturday, February 24th OR within one weekfor best results.  Trees should also be watered at least once per week for six months for best results.

Sign up for a public planting site:

If you would like to organize a public planting event on 250K Tree Day (February 24th) please register your event at this link: https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/TennesseeEnvironmentalCouncil/PublicPlantingLocation.html

We will list all of the public sites on our website and let folks know about the volunteer opportunity in their area.

REGISTER to be a 250K SPONSOR at this link: