Watershed Support Center

Vision: the Council works with local communities to educate, conserve and restore watersheds, including healthy urban forests for people, plants and animals

Goal: to provide communities with watershed science, regulatory and other tools necessary to conserve and restore local watershed health.

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Watershed ProtectionFish Habitat Restoration Initiative


Duck River Opportunities Project

Stream Support Services and Consulting Available

A Guide to Traveling Tennessee´s Watersheds
This great brochure answers the following questions and includes terrific maps and resources:
– What is a Watershed?
– Where are they located?
– Why are they important?

Tennessee´s Water Blueprint.  Includes: • Nature’s “water cycle” and the importance of headwaters, watersheds and stream buffers in protecting water quality and supply.  • The importance of preserving aquatic wildlife to help to keep waters clean. • Challenges we face in various parts of the state as a result of growth and its impacts. • Water quality and supply solutions. • Policy recommendations to help Tennesseans have enough clean water for future generations.

“Protecting our Watershed” Curriculum – Chapel Hill Elementary/Friends of Henry Horton State Park Success Story 2010