Flooding along the Mississippi River is of great concern for communities along the river, and new construction threatens to cause even more frequent flooding. We would like to share this Action Alert from our friends at 1 Mississippi.  Please take a minute to take action on this important topic by June 27, 2017.

Act for the Mississippi River tectn.org

People and wildlife along the Mississippi River are being jeopardized by construction of enormous structures in the River that raise flood levels and destroy fish habitat.

Act now to urge the US Army Corps of Engineers to take a closer look at potential harm before the River is damaged.

The US Army Corps of Engineers has already constructed more than 1.5 miles of structures for each mile of the middle length of the Mississippi River.

Now, they are proposing to build even more.

The Corps builds the structures to push the River into a narrower and deeper channel to reduce the costs of dredging the River for navigation. Researchers, however, have shown that the structures raise flood levels, increasing risks for River communities. 

And the proposed additional structures also would destroy at least 1,100 acres of critical border channel habitat for fish and other wildlife.


The Corps is currently seeking public input on a final environmental impact statement that is supposed to look at the environmental and human impacts of this project and determine alternative actions to minimize or mitigate those impacts. Unfortunately, many experts feel that the Corps has not thoroughly done its job.

Help now by sending a message to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Ask them to take a more thorough look at the impacts of their River construction projects using sound science. Urge them to adopt alternative methods that will protect wildlife and people. 

The deadline is June 27, 2017. Please speak out today to protect River communities and wildlife.