Support the Council by Becoming a Monthly Donor!

One of the best ways to support the Council is to become a Sustaining Monthly Member!  Having a consistent source of income allows us to do our best work, as our projects require both short and long term planning.  Your monthly donations allow us to put our budgets to their best possible use to fund our projects, including Sustainable Tennessee, the Tennessee Tree Project, and Watershed Support Center.  One of the biggest projects coming up is 250K Tree Day!

Here are just some of the benefits you would receive from becoming a Sustaining Monthly Member:

  • It’s easy to set up, and to change if you want to
  • Donations are often easier to budget over a monthly basis rather than a one-time basis
  • Donations are easy to keep track of for tax-related purposes
  • As a Sustaining Member, you will receive member-only invitations to events, and discounted ticket prices to special events such as Green Tie Affair!

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Levels of Monthly Giving

There are a number of options available for recurring monthly donations:

    • When you donate $5 Monthly ($60/year) we plant 60 trees every year
    • When you donate $10 Monthly ($120/year) we plant 120 trees every year
    • When you donate $25 Monthly ($300/year) we plant 300 trees every year ****
    • When you donate $50 Monthly ($600/year) we plant 600 trees every year
    • When you donate $100 Monthly ($1,200/year) we plant 1,200 trees every year

****  Your minimum contribution of $25 per month enables us to plant 300 trees annually, as long as you remain enrolled. The economic and ecological benefits of your financial contribution and the trees you help us plant include the following (assuming a 50-year lifespan of each tree):

  • 60 tons of carbon dioxide sequestered annually
  • 300,000 gallons of storm-water intercepted annually, reducing flooding and water pollution entering our streams
  • $375,000 per year in air pollution control
  • $191,400 worth of Oxygen produced each year
  • $2,880 per year in-kind labor value generated by volunteers we recruit to plant these trees

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AND, as one who is interested in more than just planting trees, you will be pleased to know that the Council is doing a lot more with your support. Year-round, we are:

— Executing several active watershed-restoration projects in Middle Tennessee, reducing storm-water runoff and improving water quality

— Delivering dozens of hands-on educational programs to youth

— Identifying and advancing sustainability priorities through a collaborative process with multiple stakeholders and the Tennessee General Assembly

— Working with school campuses to establish certified Arboreta

— Advancing additional financing options for consumers to choose renewable power and energy efficiency

— Supporting community groups with their watershed restoration projects and other sustainability priorities where we have expertise


Thank you for your support!  Together, we are making Tennessee a healthier, greener place to be.

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Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 250K Tree Day planting in February 2018!  



The Council advances this clean energy opportunity in Tennessee