Serving on the Council Board of Directors is a unique and powerful opportunity to use and expand your leadership skills and help protect clean air, water, land and energy in Tennessee.  Our current Board is made up of leaders from across the state, working in a variety of industries.  Council Board members bring us a wealth of experience and often go on to serve our state and community in an even larger way.  Our past Board members include a former Deputy Commissioner of TN Department of Environment and Conservation as well as the current Deputy Commissioner.

Board members are responsible for managing the affairs of the Council including determination of policies procedures; adoption and oversight of an annual budget; fundraising and other activities to ensure the financial and organizational integrity of the Council.  The board is also responsible for the selection  and stewardship of the Executive Director.

Board members attend four meetings each year, held quarterly.  They are also asked to serve on one or more Board committees including Membership & Development, Finance & Budget, Nominating, Litigation Review and Policy & Issues.  The Board includes three officers:  Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers and committee chairpersons also serve on the Executive Committee.

If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors, please contact John McFadden at john(at) or 615-248-6500.