What is Conservation Education Day?  This is your day on the hill in the Tennessee General Assembly –  an opportunity for community groups and concerned individuals to share your views with our elected officials on a range of topics, including clean air, water, land and energy.  We want to show our state legislators that we care about improving Tennessee’s environment, communities and public health.

There is no cost to attend, but donations are always welcomed to support this and other events we coordinate throughout the year.

The event is part of the Sustainable Tennessee initiative www.sustainabletn.org – a coalition of environmental leaders from across the state who come together each year to establish the top Policy and Practice priorities for our state as part of the  Sustainable TN Agenda.   The event includes opportunities for organizations to set up tables at Legislative Plaza, for individuals to meet with their elected officials and join us for meetings with key House and Senate leadership, and to attend House and/or Senate Natural Resource Committee meetings.


Who Should Attend?
  Anyone and everyone who cares about clean air, water, land, and energy in Tennessee.  These issues impact our health, economy, quality of life and our future generations.  Once again this year, we are inviting environmental groups to set up tables to hand out literature and talk to legislators, media, lobbyists, citizens and others found at Legislative Plaza.

We encourage EVERYONE to schedule meetings with your state Representatives and/or Senators.  During these meetings please present legislators with a copy of the Sustainable TN Agenda Priorities and talk to them about the issue(s) that are most important to you – please share your own personal stories and/or expertise.

Following is the TENTATIVE schedule- check back soon for updates:      

8:30-9:00 a.m.  Table Setup for Business and Organizations:  Set up for businesses and organizations (email [email protected]n.org by Friday February 10 to reserve table space — and bring your own table).

9:00 am  to 11:30 a.m. meetings with key legislators.

11:45 – Press Conference – Legislative Library.  Speakers include:   John McFadden -TN Environmental Council, Stewart Clifton, TN Conservation Voters

12:30-1:00   Lunch on your own and visit tables

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Schedule your meetings with your Legislators at this time.  To find your State Representative or State Senator, click here.

3:00pm  Table display area closes.

3pm-5:00pm  Happy Hour at Pucketts Downtown

How do I prepare and what should I bring? 

1. Register.  Registration is free.  If your organization would like a table, we ask you to please renew your organization’s membership.


2. Important:  Please read these guidelines from Clifton Government Relations to help you get the most out of your day.

3. Schedule a meeting with your State Representative or State Senator.  Click here to find them.

4. Bring a camera and please take a picture during your meeting with your legislator, we are hoping to collect  pictures from the day and share them on our website and/or Facebook page.

5. Legislative Plaza is located downtown Nashville on the corner of 6th and Union.  The entrance is right at the corner facing 6th street.  Come in through security and look for the Tennessee Environmental Council table to check in on the day of the event.