110th  General Assembly


Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee


 Wednesday, March 22, 2017  –  HHR31  –  10:30 AM

  Lollar, Chair; 

 Halford, Holt, Mitchell, Reedy, Shaw, Tillis




1. HB  1017 *Hawk (SB  0899 by *Bell)

Water Pollution – As introduced, effective January 1, 2018, increases from 30 to 35 the number of days within which an administrative judge must hold a scheduling conference for a hearing concerning a violation of the Water Quality Control Act of 1977. – Amends TCA Title 69, Chapter 3, Part 1.

2. HB  1114 *Farmer, Carr  (SB  1062 by *Overbey)

Boats, Boating – As introduced, requires motorboats that carry passengers for hire to be inspected and approved by the Tennessee wildlife resources agency (TWRA); requires operators of motorboats carrying passengers for hire to be licensed by the TWRA; provides requirements for the operation of motorboats carrying passengers for hire. – Amends TCA Title 68; Title 69 and Title 70.

3. HB  1132 *Carter (SB  0951 by *Watson)

Water Authorities – As introduced, creates a mechanism for the periodic review of programs, strategies, and organizational structures of certain water and wastewater treatment authorities by the general assembly; authorizes the general assembly to determine the need for legislative action pursuant to such review. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 29; Title 7, Chapter 82, Part 7 and Title 68, Chapter 221.

4. HB  1208 *Fitzhugh, Clemmons, Stewart (SB  1110 by *Kyle, Harris)

Parks, Natural Areas Preservation – As introduced, prohibits outsourcing with respect to the maintenance, operation, and preservation of state parks, including buildings, facilities, structures, or improvements upon state park property. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 8; Title 9 and Title 11.

5. HB  1068 *Moody (SB  1261 by *Norris)

Boats, Boating – As introduced, directs TACIR to study the titling of boats. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 10.

6. HB  0438 *Ragan (SB  1250 by *Norris)

Energy – As introduced, creates the Tennessee energy policy council to make recommendations to the governor and general assembly on how to manage energy resources in this state. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 29; Title 59; Title 60; Title 65 and Title 68.

7. HB  1170 *Gravitt (SB  0999 by *Watson)

Water Authorities – As introduced, requires public reports on annual post audits of water and wastewater treatment authorities to be disseminated within five business days of the completion of such reports. – Amends TCA Title 68 and Title 69.

8. HB  0896 *Pody (SB  0755 by *Beavers)

Animal Control – As introduced, requires a governmental animal control agency to prominently display its certification authorizing chemical capture of animals in its main facility. – Amends TCA Title 44; Title 53; Title 63 and Title 68.

9. HB  0074 *Howell (SB  0466 by *Bell)

Environment and Conservation, Department of – As introduced, removes obsolete reporting requirement concerning the status of a cooperative effort between the commissioner and owners of property located near a scenic river. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 11 and Title 64.

10. HB  0571 *Powers (SB  0686 by *Yager)

Mining and Quarrying – As introduced, creates special joint committee to study issues relative to Tennessee obtaining primacy over the regulation of surface coal mining and reclamation. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 10; Title 50; Title 59; Title 60; Title 66; Title 67; Title 68; Title 69 and Title 70.

11. HB  0341 *Hulsey, Crawford (SB  0349 by *Niceley)

Game and Fish Laws – As introduced, authorizes the importation of certain wildlife harvested in other states if taken directly to a taxidermist, or to a meat processing facility in this state for processing; establishes restrictions on the use and disposal of such wildlife by taxidermists and processors. – Amends TCA Title 39; Title 53, Chapter 7 and Title 70.

12. HB  0724 *Gilmore (SB  0527 by *Southerland)

Solid Waste Disposal – As introduced, increases the minimum number of members appointed to serve on regional solid waste boards, from five to seven; requires the two additional members to be elected officials from local governmental entities located within the region served by a board. – Amends TCA Title 68, Chapter 211, Part 8.

13. HB  0279 *Sexton C, Crawford (SB  0278 by *Lundberg)

Local Government, General – As introduced, permits local authorities to regulate the use of tobacco products in public places, places of employment, and parks. – Amends TCA Section 39-17-1551.

14. HB  1021 *Sexton C (SB  1336 by *Bailey)

Energy – As introduced, urges the department of environment and conservation to study other states’ laws that require or allow the state to regulate wind energy facility siting; requires a written summary to be submitted to the general assembly.  – Amends TCA Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 65 and Title 68.

15. HB  0680 *Shaw (SB  0621 by *Harris)

Parks, Natural Areas Preservation – As introduced, repeals present law requirement that marinas, campgrounds, golf courses, cabins, gift shops, restaurants, and inns at state parks be self-sufficient in terms of revenue generated; repeals schedule of priority for spending revenue that exceeds what is required for self-sufficiency of those facilities. – Amends TCA Title 11, Chapter 3, Part 3.

16. HB  0635 *Holt (SB  0624 by *Southerland)

Pets – As introduced, increases from 90 to 100 days the length of time that a licensed dog and cat dealer must wait before applying for reinstatement of the dealer’s license following suspension. – Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 14, Part 2; Title 40, Chapter 39, Part 1; Title 44; Title 47, Chapter 18; Title 56 and Title 63, Chapter 12.

17. HB  0311 *Hawk, Casada, Halford (SB  1199 by *Norris, Southerland)

Solid Waste Disposal – As introduced, revises record-keeping requirements to include owners and operators of transfer stations. – Amends TCA Section 68-211-862.

18. HB  0486 *Lollar (SB  1242 by *Norris)

Boards and Commissions – As introduced, increases the membership of the underground storage tanks and solid waste disposal control board from 14 to 16 members; requires the speaker of each chamber of the general assembly to appoint a consumer member to the board. – Amends TCA Title 68, Chapter 211.

19. HB  0526 *Lollar (SB  0609 by *Southerland)

Game and Fish Laws – As introduced, extends the effective date for newly published regulations involving cooperative agreements between the TWRA and federal agencies, from 30 days to 45 days after the publication date by the TWRA; revises the due date for the submission of financial reports by the TWRA executive director to the governor and commission members, from September 15 to September 30 of each year. – Amends TCA Title 70.

20. HB  1164 *McDaniel, Reedy (SB  0968 by *Niceley)

Agriculture – As introduced, requires that industrial hemp license and permit fees be calculated in the same manner as other fees for programs administered by the department of agriculture pursuant to the tiered fee structure established under the Tennessee agricultural regulatory fund laws. – Amends TCA Title 43, Chapter 1, Part 7; Section 43-26-102 and Section 43-26-103.