Will you take a selfie pic or video of YOU next to one of the trees you planted during 50K or 100K Tree Day and email it to us today or this week? This will give others a chance to see your tree as it looks today, and your enthusiasm as a participant. We will use your images on our social media to support our efforts to raise the funds to give away and plant 250,000 seedlings in February during 250K Tree Day.  Yes, this is the largest tree-planting event in America and we need lots of help to pull it off.
If you take a video, state why you liked participating in “__K Tree Day,” and why you think others should support 250K Tree Day.  If you take a picture, send us this info in your email (why you participated in Tree Day and why others should support 250K).  Also in your email let me know when and where you planted your seedlings (i.e. “during 100K Tree Day in Springfield, Tennessee”).
Tree Survey reminder: THANK YOU to those who filled out our online Tree Survival Survey. If you haven’t done this yet, please take 3 minutes to tell us how your seedlings are doing. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us!
Click here to fill out the tree survey.
Thank you for doing your part to support our efforts to re-plant Tennessee.  Your pictures and videos will be very helpful as we promote 250K Tree Day.  We are eager to make this a huge success for Tennessee, and your contributions are greatly appreciated!
Email to send pictures and videos: [email protected]