Tennessee Environmental Council welcomes Mars Petcare as a corporate sponsor of the Tennessee Tree Project  Providing “tree-mendous” benefits for people and their pets, trees contribute significantly to a healthy environment, economy and quality of life.  Mars Petcare will be planting and caring for 200-400 trees from 2010-2011.

Mars Petcare has set a goal of planting trees at two pet adoption centers – because every pet deserves a loving home with The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive.  Corporate headquarters will also plant 200 trees at one pet-friendly park in 2011, the project dates will be each Friday in October – 10/7, 10/14, 10/21 and 10/28– from 9am to 3pm at Jerry Erwin Park located on Kedron Road off Spring Hill Parkway in Spring Hill.  (Carpooling encouraged.)

Each Mars Petcare manufacturing facility will also set a goal of planting trees at least one pet adoption center or pet-friendly park.  Those conducting tree planting and landscaping activities will work to beautify the pet adoption center, while also providing energy-saving shade for the facility and cooler temperatures for the comfort of the animals.

We’ll be tracking the trees Mars Petcare plants here on this website, as well as providing information on the follow-up care to ensure survival of the trees.  The trees will be counted toward the Tennessee Tree Project’s overall goal of planting 1 million native trees in Tennessee.  Please be sure to click the link below to register your tree along with the “Mars Unique Tracking Number” listed on the back of the tag.

Tree Registration

Here is information from the Tree Help website on the proper planting of trees.

Here is a link to the Arbor Foundation Tree Guide with information on a variety of tree species.  For more in depth information about trees and their care visit the Department of Agriculture’s guide Silvics of North America 

Trees are “tree-mendously” important to people and their pets.  Healthy urban forests provide clean air and clean water, recreational opportunities, and enhanced quality of life for all Tennesseans.  Trees have great economic value, increasing property values by as much as 15% in some cases and reducing storm water runoff to help reduce flooding potential.  Communities with more trees have less crime, people have a greater sense of community when trees are presents and trees increase ones sense of well being.  Finally trees provide habitat for wildlife, filter and absorb floodwaters and hold sediment in place preventing the pollution of our drinking water.

Thank you for your participation and support!