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The Council works to educate and advocate about nuclear issues in Tennessee.  The Council works on the Radioactive Waste Education Project, and our Board Chairman, Don Safer, has written several articles about nuclear issues facing Tennessee.  We have compiled some of this information and articles below.   Click  headline/links to learn more:  

Radioactive Waste Education Project
Up to 75% of all low level radioactive waste produced in the nation, ends up for processing in Tennessee.  In 2010, fifty-million pounds of low level radioactive waste was processed in Tennessee.  Under Tennessee law, low level radioactive waste may be put ino municipal landfills. There landfills were not originally designed for radioactie material.  Low level waste has been brought from many other states to Tennessee for processing and disposal

Interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukishima and the Perils of Nuclear Power

Action: Say No to Bellefonte Nuclear Reactor Located Under 57 Miles from Chattanooga, TN in Alabama

Click here for Letter to TVA Board of Directors courtesy of Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation (MATRR) 
Click here for Letter to Nuclear Regulatory Commission courtesy of MATRR
Click here for electric bill payment enclosure courtesy of MATRR

Press Release: Foreign Radioactive Waste OK´d to Burn in TN – June 9, 2011

Don Safer Comments from TVA Board Meeting– April 14, 2011

Ketterer –  Interim Report
Results for Isotopic Studies of Uranium in Environmental Samples from the Vicinity of the Nuclear Fuel Services Facility, Erwin, TN – November, 2010  

Action Alert: Stop Nuclear Waste Dumping in TN Landfills (Bulk Survey for Release Program) – April 2011

Action Alert: Stop Burning of German Radioactive Waste in TN – February 2011

Nuclear Waste Issues in TN by Don Safer – July 20, 2010

Tennessean “Industry Clearly a Bad Investment” Guest Editorial by Don Safer – February 24, 2010

Council ProTECt Newsletter, “Nuclear Disposal in Tennessee” by Don Safer -2010

Tennessean, “Weak Oversight Cannot Ensure Safety”, Guest Editorial by Don Safer – November 6, 2009