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Educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee's environment, communities, and public health
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Tennessee Environmental Council

Our Mission: Educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee’s environment, communities, and public health since 1970. Our Vision: A Tennessee that embraces natural resources as the backbone of our communities, economy and quality of life for all present and future generations.

Tennessee is one of the most biodiverse inland states in the nation. Our natural resources form the backbone of our economy, quality of life and heritage. For over forty years, the Council has been working to protect the environment in Tennessee. The Council’s efforts have been successful in protecting the Great Smoky Mountains, cleaning up the Pigeon River, reducing pollution from coal-fired power plants, and preventing degradation of high quality streams and the globally significant Duck River Watershed. We have twice been awarded the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

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Honoring Veterans and Celebrating Arbor Day

Join the Tennessee Environmental Council and the Murfreesboro Rotary Club in helping improve the health of our local waterways. One of the best things you can do to help improve water quality is by planting trees along the river bank. The Council needs YOUR HELP...

Become a Monthly Donor–Get Béla and Abigail’s New Album or Frist Tickets

We are giving away Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn's new album "Echo In The Valley" or 2 adult admission tickets to the Frist to the next 11 people who become monthly donors (at any level)! Hurry and sign up before they're all gone!  

R!vive Nashville

We are excited to partner with the Nashville Waterways Consortium for the launch of R!vive Nashville! R!vive Nashville has a mission to revive the passion for middle Tennessee's waterways including the Cumberland River and its tributaries. We are working to protect...

Let’s Take a Selfie!…With Our Planted Tree Day Trees!

Will you take a selfie pic or video of YOU next to one of the trees you planted during 50K or 100K Tree Day and email it to us today or this week? This will give others a chance to see your tree as it looks today, and your enthusiasm as a participant. We will use...

Now Seeking Distributors for 250K Tree Day!

We are excited to launch our call for 250K Tree Day distribution volunteers!  That's right -- we aim to give away, distribute and plant 250,000 native tree seedlings -- the largest volunteer tree planting event in America -- on February 24, 2018, and we need your help...

Did you participate in 100K Tree Day 2017?

Tell us about your trees! If you participated in 100K Tree Day in February 2017, we want to know how your trees are doing. Click on the link below to take a brief survey (survey closes October 31st): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/jkf88vy
250K Tree Day
Be part of the largest tree planting event in the United States!


Tennessee Environmental Council works on a broad range of projects related to the conservation and improvement of  land, air, water, energy and transportation.