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Educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee's environment, communities, and public health
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Tennessee Environmental Council

Our Mission: Educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee’s environment, communities, and public health since 1970. Our Vision: A Tennessee that embraces natural resources as the backbone of our communities, economy and quality of life for all present and future generations.

Tennessee is one of the most biodiverse inland states in the nation. Our natural resources form the backbone of our economy, quality of life and heritage. For over forty years, the Council has been working to protect the environment in Tennessee. The Council’s efforts have been successful in protecting the Great Smoky Mountains, cleaning up the Pigeon River, reducing pollution from coal-fired power plants, and preventing degradation of high quality streams and the globally significant Duck River Watershed. We have twice been awarded the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

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Tennessee Statewide River Day of Action

Your River, Your Day August 24 – September 4, 2017 Tennessee Environmental Council invites citizen scientists of all ages to help assess the water quality of ALL of Tennessee's rivers and tributaries. We are recruiting participants in a statewide effort to collect...

250K Tree Day — Save The Date: February 24, 2018

On February 24 2018, we will plant 250,000 native tree seedlings across Tennessee.*  This will be the largest community-tree-planting event in Tennessee history, and is the largest tree-planting event in the United States (click here to learn about other tree-planting...

REGISTER NOW for our Annual Policy & Practice Forum — Thursday August 31 from 9am to 3pm…

If you are interested in shaping a more environmentally sustainable future for Tennessee, then YOU ARE INVITED to participate in this valuable and effective process. Click here to register Tennessee Environmental Council invites individuals and organizations from...

250K Tree Day: Be part of the largest tree planting event in the United States!


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Tennessee Environmental Council works on a broad range of projects related to the conservation and improvement of  land, air, water, energy and transportation.