Congratulations, and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in 250K Tree Day on February 24, 2018!

Here are the results we have tabulated so far…

180: number of volunteer tree-distributors across Tennessee

23,700: total number of volunteers participating

47,400: volunteer hours distributing and planting trees

$1,137,600: economic value of this volunteer work-force

180,000: number of trees planted over the weekend

434: acres of new tree canopy in Tennessee as these trees mature

$7.8 Billion: economic value of these trees over the next 50 years in contributions to air quality, water quality and flood control (see below for assumptions and calculations)


Here are some of the multigenerational benefits to our environment, communities and public health resulting from 250K Tree Day


Over the next 50 years, as these trees you planted grow, the following benefits will take place (based on 70% survival rate of seedlings, or 126,000 trees growing over 50 years):


$7.8 billion in air pollution control ($62,000 per tree x 126,000 trees) (source:

109,000 tons of CO2 removed from atmosphere (13lbs CO2 per year per tree for first 10 years = 16 million lbs CO2 + 40lbs per year for subsequent 40 years = 202 million lbs C02 = 218 million lbs, or 109,000 tons C02 removed from the air (source:

6.3 billion gallons of rainfall intercepted in tree canopy, reducing stormwater runoff and downstream flooding, and improving water quality (1,000 gallons/year per tree x 126K trees x 50 years) (Source: Center for Urban Forest Research, USDA –

$1,137,600 value of volunteer service to our communities (23,700 volunteers x $24/hour x 2 hours each — source:

20 hours per day in summertime cooling effect provided by each of these trees in our communities (“The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day,” according to U.S. Department of Agriculture)

434 acres of new tree canopy in Tennessee (estimated at 150 sq. ft. per tree x 126K trees — this is a conservative estimate, as many trees will exceed this estimate)

50 to 200+ years of economic and environmental benefits to communities as trees mature


Note: actual results vary depending upon survival rates, size of trees, total lifespan, and other factors.