Tennessee Tree Project

Program Introduction 

Since 2007, Tennessee Tree Project has helped reforest TN by facilitating the planting of 540,000 native trees in Tennessee.  In 2018 we launched 250K Tree Day, and with the help of 23,700 volunteers planted 180,000 trees in all 95 Tennessee counties!

Why is planting trees so important to us as an organization? 

  • The U.S. Forest Service found that more than two million acres of Tennessee’s native forests were cut and more than 500 thousand acres of forest were converted to other uses. 
  • Studies indicate communities with more trees have less crime.
  • Planting 30 trees each year offsets greenhouse gases from your car and home.
  • In 50 years one tree provides $130,750 in total benefits including oxygen, air pollution control and stormwater drainage. 3


If you have just received or planted a tree…Tennessee Tree Project would also like to help you answer questions you may have about your tree including when & how to plant and/or care for it.  Please reference our guide below or feel free to email us at [email protected] with your questions. 

Program Goal

Tennessee Environmental Council has a goal of planting or caring for 1 million native trees in Tennessee.

How to Plant Your Tree

Visit the Tree Help Guide for step-by-step planting instructions. The best time of year to plant is FALL and EARLY SPRING.  If you are planting in the late Spring (after Earth Day) or Summer, we recommend planting in a pot where you can tend it, and plant in the ground this Fall. Also use our Useful Tree Resources for more tips on how to plant your tree and which varieties may be best for you!

Organize a tree planting event!  Click here for a guide for suggestions on how to have a successful event that’s fun, builds community and shares the love of nature.  

Become a Tennessee Tree Project Sponsor and receive TREEmendous benefits for your company or organization.

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